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Dressing for Success: How Workwear Shapes Your Brand Image

In today's competitive business landscape, creating and maintaining a strong brand image is more important than ever. One often-overlooked aspect of branding is the clothing and accessories worn in a professional setting. Your workwear not only reflects your company's values and personality but also communicates subtle messages to clients, customers, and colleagues. In this blog post, we'll explore the psychology of workwear, the power of nonverbal communication, the role of workwear in different industries, and the importance of considering your audience when making workwear choices.   The Psychology of Workwear Colour: More Than Meets the Eye Colour plays a significant role in shaping people's perceptions of your brand. Research has shown that different colours can evoke specific emotions and associations, which can influence how people perceive your brand. For example, blue is often associated with trust and stability, while red can signal excitement and energy. When selecting workwear colours, consider what emotions and associations you want to evoke in your audience and how that aligns with your brand's values and messaging.   Nonverbal Communication: Dressing for Confidence, Competence, and Authority Your workwear choices can communicate a lot without you having to say a word. Studies have shown that clothing can influence how people perceive your confidence, competence, and authority. By choosing workwear that is professional, well-fitted, and appropriate for your industry, you can convey a sense of self-assuredness and expertise. In turn, this can positively impact your brand's image and help to establish trust with clients and customers.   The Role of Workwear in Different Industries and Sectors The importance of workwear varies across industries and sectors. For example, in industries like construction and healthcare, workwear serves a functional purpose by protecting workers and maintaining a clean environment. In contrast, in the corporate world, workwear is often more focused on projecting a professional image and reflecting a company's culture. It's essential to understand the specific workwear requirements of your industry and choose clothing and accessories that meet those needs while also reinforcing your brand image.   Considering Your Audience: Tailoring Your Workwear to Your Message When selecting workwear, it's crucial to consider your audience and the message you want to convey. Think about who your employees will be interacting with on a daily basis – are they meeting with clients, working with customers, or collaborating with colleagues? Consider the expectations and preferences of your target audience and choose workwear that reflects those values. By aligning your workwear choices with the needs and desires of your audience, you can effectively communicate your brand's values and personality.   Dressing for success goes beyond looking good – it's about strategically using workwear to shape your brand image and convey your company's values, messaging, and personality. By understanding the psychology of workwear colour, harnessing the power of nonverbal communication, considering the role of workwear in your industry, and tailoring your choices to your audience, you can create a strong, cohesive brand image that resonates with clients, customers, and colleagues alike.

Embroidery vs Laser Printing: Which is Best for Branded Garments?

In today's competitive world, maximising the visibility of your business’ visual brand is important. Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation, brand presence is a crucial aspect of your success. Branded garments are a powerful tool for showing off your business’ visual brand, and when it comes to applying your design to your garments, there are two popular options - embroidery and laser printing. In this article, we'll delve into the differences between these methods.  


Embroidery is a traditional method of decorating garments that involves stitching a design onto the fabric with a needle and thread. Embroidery has been around for centuries and is still a popular option for branding garments today. The embroidery process involves digitising the design, which involves converting the design into a format that can be read by the embroidery machine. Once the design is digitised, it's loaded onto the machine, and the machine embroiders the design onto the garment. One of the advantages of embroidery is that it looks professional and high-quality. Embroidery has a tactile feel, and can add texture and depth to a design. It's also durable and long-lasting. Embroidery won't fade or peel over time, making it an excellent option for garments that will be worn frequently such as uniforms. Additionally, embroidery can be used on a variety of materials, including cotton, wool, denim, and more, meaning there are even more opportunities to get your brand seen!  

Laser Printing

Laser printing, on the other hand, is a modern method of printing on garments that involves using a laser to transfer a design onto fabric. Laser printing is a comparatively new technology, but it's rapidly gaining popularity for its ability to create complex designs with high levels of detail. The process involves printing the design onto a special transfer material, then using a laser to accurately transfer the design onto the garment. One of the advantages of laser printing is that it's versatile and can be used on a variety of materials, including polyester, cotton, and nylon. Laser printing is also fairly quick and cost-effective compared to embroidery, making it an excellent option for larger orders or designs with multiple colours. However, laser printing doesn't have the tactile feel of embroidery, and the design can fade or crack over time, particularly with regular washing.  

The Branding Hub

Now that we've explored the differences between embroidery and laser printing let's talk about why The Branding Hub is the best place to buy your branded garments in Essex. Based in Colchester, The Branding Hub is a leading provider of branded garments and promotional products and our team has years of experience working with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of sectors. One of the advantages of working with The Branding Hub is our team’s expertise in both embroidery and laser printing. If you’re looking for advice, we can help you determine which option is best for your needs and provide high-quality results every time. Additionally, The Branding Hub offers a wide range of garments to choose from, including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, and more. Another advantage of working with The Branding Hub is our commitment to customer service. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and that they're happy with the final product. Finally, with fast turnaround times, no minimum spend and no MOQ, we can cater for businesses of all sizes, and even individuals with custom designs.  

Branded Garments

When it comes to maximising the visibility of your business, branded garments are an excellent option. Embroidery and laser printing are both effective methods of printing on garments, and each has its advantages. If you're looking for high-quality branded garments in Essex, The Branding Hub is a leading local supplier of custom workwear and embroidered garments. We offer a wide range of garments, expert advice, and exceptional customer service. Contact our team today on 03337 726134 or email [email protected] to learn more about our services and how they can help you establish your business’ brand with quality branded garments.


Are you running a business and need new branded workwear for your employees? Whether you are starting out or looking to upgrade what you have on hand, look no further than package deals in branded workwear. Not only do they offer discounts on bulk purchases, but they can help raise the level of professionalism with quality pieces that will last. From Health and Beauty workwear to Construction workwear that shows your company logo, package deals provide great value at unbeatable prices. Let's go through each package deal! Sports and Personal Training Package 10x Sport Training T-shirts 10x Hoodies 10x Sport Training Vest Only £299.99 ex VAT saving you £119.91. The original price of this package is £419.90   Health and Beauty 2x Tunics 2x Bath Towels 2x Hand Towels 2x Waist Aprons Only £165 ex VAT saving you £60. The original price of this package is £225   Hospitality 10x T-Shirts 10x Shirts or Polos 10x Waist Aprons Only £350 ex VAT saving you £115. The original price of this package is £465   Winter Package 10x Beanies 10x Sweatshirts 10x Polos 10x Fleeces 10x Jackets Only £870 ex VAT saving you £245.60. The original price of this package is £1115.60   Summer Package 10x Caps 10x T-Shirts 10x Hoodies 10x Softshell Gilet Only £570 ex VAT saving  you £194.90. The original price of this package is £764.90   The Ultimate All-Round Business Package 10x Beanies 10x Caps 10x Hoodies or Sweatshirts 10x Polos 10xT-Shirts 10x Fleeces 10x Jackets 10x Gilets Only £1401.44 ex VAT saving you £404.80. The original price of this package is £1806.24   Building and Construction 10x T-Shirts 10x Hoodies 10x Hi-Vis 10x Cargo Trousers or Shorts Only £660 ex VAT saving you £205. The original price of this package is £865   All in all, branded workwear package deals provide amazing value and flexibility to business owners. Not only do they offer cost savings when compared to buying individually, but they also provide an array of options to choose from when buying multiple pieces that are the same style. Additionally, the quality materials from which these items are constructed will withstand wear and tear, ensuring that everyone on your team wears professional-looking clothing for years to come. With so many advantages, now is a great time to take advantage of package deals for branded workwear – your team will benefit from increased cohesion and professionalism while you remain confident knowing you’ve invested in quality pieces at an affordable price. Please contact us for more information.  

Hello 2023!

Happy New Year! and welcome 2023! What a year 2022 has been at The Branding Hub, we definitely have had our best year yet. Let's recap all the amazing things 2022 has bought us. A big achievement we made in 2022 was getting our embroidery machine. The embroidery machine has been on non-stop since we got it and it has completely opened the business to opportunities. We employed our Production Manager Taryn in July 2022 and again it's just such a step up in the business. She's the go-to girl for anything you need. We opened a new side business from The Branding Hub as we wanted to create designs and sell them as they were. We opened The Branding Hub - Custom Designs on Etsy and our own Instagram and we sell our own designs on clothing there.  This is something we still want to grow and we want to expand to sell on Amazon as well as Etsy and Instagram. This process has been fun as we've been focusing a lot on social media as well as the design aspect of creating our own clothing. All of these combined have contributed to the best year for the business ever. We're so excited about where 2023 will bring us and where we will be this time next year. Going forward we have a lot of plans for 2023 some of them we cannot share with you yet. However right at this moment we are looking for a Business Development Manager to grow our business further. This is the start to a great year for 2023. We will be getting back to posting weekly blogs for you guys so all information will be in one place for you to read. We are always contactable so give us a call, email or pop to see us today to get your started on your branded journey. So without further ado HELLO 2023 we cant wait to see what you bring!

Lets talk Maintenance

In order for us to print garments for you guys we have to make sure that the maintenance for the equipment  is up to scratch. We have to do this to limit mistakes or equipment breaking. Print is easy when it comes to maintenance. We have to just double check when parts of the press and computer need replacing. We dust and clean the printing equipment so that dust doesn't transfer onto garments. The things we have to get more regularly is inks for the printer and printing paper which we both get from Forever Transfers. Other then that the print maintenance is very easy and not as strict as embroidery. Embroidery maintenance is more complex. Everyday we have to do a little routine before we start embroidering. We have to oil where the bobbin sits in to make sure it can't get stuck at all. We always test the bobbin tension as well to make sure that is perfect because if its not then issues will occur. The bobbin tension should be between 150-200. The bobbin tension means the flexibility when the needle embroiders and pulls the bobbin up how hard it is to do that. We have a weekly maintenance for the embroidery machine which includes changing all the needles, cleaning inside the bobbin case and around it making sure there's no fluff or thread stuck anywhere.  To do this we have to take the needle plate off the embroidery machine and use compressed air to clean all the fluff and dirt from it. We have to also clean the knife that cuts the threads. We have to do this to because if we don't we will get issues like thread breaks or bobbin breaks. We do have a monthly maintenance and a half a year maintenance routine. This includes taking parts of the embroidery machine off cleaning and dusting is oiling and and make sure nothings broken or worn away. This has a major impact on embroidering if it isn't done because issues will occur like bobbin breaks thread breaks needle snapping or connections with the machine and the computer. We try to make every embroider as smooth as we can so we have to keep up top with this maintenance to do so. Check out our social media soon for some in depth maintenance routines of our equipment.

My Recommendations!

  Part of my job is to give you my personal opinion on decisions and recommend you in other directions. But at the end of the day it is completely up to you what you decide to choose. Here's my recommendations when it comes to everything uniform! The first thing is colours, now every company have different colours and want different colours but my advice would be choose colours that make your uniform pop and stand out. Unless your certain on what colours you want I will usually guide you to something that will stand out to your uniform colour. You want people to see your clothing so I always look at options that will make your uniform stand out. Depending on what garment you are having and what your logo is personally embroidery is my favourite print type. That's right I said it I do have a favourite! The thing is with embroidery not only does it last a lot longer I personally think its just looks really smart. To another coming in that wants jackets I try to always recommend embroidery on a jacket. Again it just looks smart and sleek. The misconception that I cannot say enough is that when your having a left breast embroidery is the same amount of money then a left breast print. Again if you are unsure I can advice you to the right decision however embroidery is a personal favourite. When it comes to positioning of your garment I will always choose a left breast over a right breast unless there's something in the way so I cant print in that area. The thing is I cant really give you a reason why I recommend a left breast more then a right breast however if feels more natural to wear and print. I always find back prints lovely as they stand out so much. My personal favourite is a back embroidery on a jacket they always come out so amazing but not a t-shirt, I think printed backs look so much better as you don't get that heavy look or feel. Every garment is different and serves it purpose however these are a few of my favourite brands. Anthem, Result, AWDIS Just Hoods, Stanley Stella. To most people this doesn't mean a lot however when suggesting to customers what brand to use these always come in mind because all of them are good quality products and really nice to print and embroider on but they don't break the bank. Its a win win. I will always give my best advice to customers and my recommendations however at the end of the day the end decision is yours. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.      

Our Sister Business

A lot of our customers don't know this but we are linked with our sister company The Local Marketing Team (TLMT). The Branding Hub was started as it goes hand in hand with marketing. Our customers can go to one place for everything they would need. TLMT is a marketing agency that specializes in SEO (search engine optimization), Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, Design and Development, and Image and Branding. We are both located in the same building, on Crossway Corner in Frating. The Branding Hub is upstairs although we also have a computer downstairs with our colleagues at TLMT. We are all one team but work for the different sister businesses. But what does TLMT do? What does those marketing strategies mean? There are many parts of marketing and TLMT offer all different types of marketing. They work with a range of local businesses, SMEs to international corporations and franchises. Regardless of the size, challenge or objectives, TLMT create impactful brands, stunning websites and deliver fully integrated marketing strategies that exceed expectations and outperform targets. Lets break it down to what they offer. The design and development team offer brilliant, creative web design and development. If your looking to refresh your website or looking for something new the team at TLMT will collaborate with you to bring your dream domain to life. They offer E-Commerce websites that are designed to sell products on your website and secure, reliable web hosting. When your looking or a website or a refresh of your website you will go through a process with our talented staff. You will have a brief meeting (getting first ideas down chatting about your needs and wants on your website), design meeting (how you want your website to look), concept meeting ( designing first few pages of your website and presenting that to you so you can see what you like and what you don't before they create the rest of your website) and once your website is ready to go live you will have a last meeting making sure that everything you need is there and how you want it. If you need any changes from there our team will help you with this. TLMT offer digital marketing that includes SEO, PPC management, Amazon SEO and link building. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We have SEO specialists that will help boost your website to bring traffic to your site. They offer a bespoke SEO service and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) that is tailored to your specific businesses needs and goals. You can book a consultancy with TLMT to begin addressing your campaign and SEO needs. TLMT have a team that specializes in social marketing, graphic designing and all of your image, photography, branding and social marketing needs. At TLMT they will provide you with efficient management services tailored to your business needs. Our social media team will sit with you and give you a free social media audit to see where you are currently with your social media and where we can take it. They will give you a full report and recommendations for improvement. From there TLMT will set up and manage all your social channels and get you started for social media success. TLMT offers a range of affordable social creative strategy services to help you. Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Branding and Identity and Strategy Development. All your social marketing needs in one. Contact The Local Marketing Team today with your marketing needs or visit there website
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