Day in the life of a Production Manager.

Hey there, I’m Taryn and I’m the Production manager here at The Branding Hub. I am your go-to girl for all your printing needs, questions, and queries. I like to structure my day however depending on what jobs are on I have to be flexible.

But what does my day usually look like?

I get into work between 8-8:20 and when I get in, I settle in, grab a cup of tea and start my working day. The first thing I do is look at emails. I have a personal business email ([email protected]) and our general sales email ([email protected]) I will flick through the emails and reply to our customers. I also have a look at our social media to see if anyone has messaged and engage with customers. I have two desks at The Branding Hub one upstairs (where you’ll see me most of the time) and one downstairs with my colleagues at our sister business The Local Marketing Team. I always have my trusty notepad with me wherever I am in the office, my notepad consists of a daily to-do list and things I want to get done that day. I also write down during the day things I need to remember and people I need to contact. My notepad just keeps me organized its also good to look back on if I need to. I write down when I’ve made an order to our suppliers and what we’ve ordered to keep up to date with everything.  I check this in the morning and write down some extra bits that I want to get done. After this, I go upstairs and turn on all the machinery and complete the printing jobs I need to get done. I usually like to put on embroidery while printing as I have to wait for the embroidery machine, I find this a quicker way to work and get orders out quicker.

My day always changes but throughout 8:30-5:30 I am answering emails, making calls, receiving calls, seeing customers that come into the office, taking payments, shipping out parcels to royal mail, sending out quotes and invoices, communicating with our graphic designer to get designs done for customers and mock-up’s, writing a blog post every week, creating content for social media and posting out content, engaging with businesses the list goes on and on. We also have an exciting project happening that’s been months in the making. Its taken a lot of meetings, decision making and a

lot of testing for this so its exciting to see it unfold. Its something we are very proud off however I cant reveal this till a later date.

I end the day on my computer making sure I have caught up with everything that day and reply to customers and order some supplies. I write out my to do list for the next day and once every thing is turned off and done I head back home. That’s my typical day although is changes everyday. I will always give you my best advice so contact us today and lets get the ball rolling to get your perfect branded workwear.