Embroidery Ordering Process

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Here at The Branding Hub, we like to make the whole ordering process as easy as possible. Whether it’s ordering on our website or directly through us we always like to chat with you to ensure we are getting your vision. Embroidery is a great print method for workwear as it’s stronger, lasts longer, and is suitable for most garments. With every logo, we embroider we have to take a one-off payment of £16.95 to get your logo sent off to be digitized. Once we have it, we have it forever!

Ordering your clothing is only one click away, when ordering on the website simply find the garments you are looking for. We have a lot of choices on our website so picking what’s right for you may be overwhelming. We can always advise you through this process and help you to pick the perfect garment for you. We will recommend brands best suited to you and your business. Go through the steps of choosing your preferred colour and size garment and tick the embroidery tab. You will be asked to upload your design onto our website and all you need to do next is checkout and leave the rest with us. You also have the option to pay with Lay-Buy. You can speak to a member of staff if you don’t have a logo to hand. We can design one for you or tweak an old one you have. Once we have your design, we will get your design digitized, garments ordered, and embroidered for you. It’s as easy as that. If you need help or advice through this process our staff can help you.

Another way to order is to contact us. We recommend doing this if you’re looking to order a bulk order so we can discuss in detail what you want. To get a full understanding of what you’re looking for we prefer talking to you whether that’s by email, over the phone, or in person. We can discuss your options like what clothing you are looking for with what print type would work best with your logo, garment, and placement. We will ask for sizes and colours and desired placement for your logo. We will take that and write you an official quote with all our prices there for you. We can adapt your quote if needed but once you accept, we turn the quote into an invoice and you can now leave it up to us. We will do the printing process for you. Starting with ordering in your garments for you, to getting your logo digitized and ready for embroidery. We will check threads to get the correct colour. We can give you an estimated guess of how long your order will take however if you have a certain date your order needs to be ready by, we will do our best to do that for you. We will email or call you to let you know your order is completely ready for delivery or collection. Payment can be taken over the phone, in our office, or online with your invoice.