Hello 2023!

Happy New Year! and welcome 2023!

What a year 2022 has been at The Branding Hub, we definitely have had our best year yet.

Let’s recap all the amazing things 2022 has bought us. A big achievement we made in 2022 was getting our embroidery machine. The embroidery machine has been on non-stop since we got it and it has completely opened the business to opportunities. We employed our Production Manager Taryn in July 2022 and again it’s just such a step up in the business. She’s the go-to girl for anything you need. We opened a new side business from The Branding Hub as we wanted to create designs and sell them as they were. We opened The Branding Hub – Custom Designs on Etsy and our own Instagram and we sell our own designs on clothing there.  This is something we still want to grow and we want to expand to sell on Amazon as well as Etsy and Instagram. This process has been fun as we’ve been focusing a lot on social media as well as the design aspect of creating our own clothing. All of these combined have contributed to the best year for the business ever. We’re so excited about where 2023 will bring us and where we will be this time next year.

Going forward we have a lot of plans for 2023 some of them we cannot share with you yet. However right at this moment we are looking for a Business Development Manager to grow our business further. This is the start to a great year for 2023. We will be getting back to posting weekly blogs for you guys so all information will be in one place for you to read. We are always contactable so give us a call, email or pop to see us today to get your started on your branded journey.

So without further ado HELLO 2023 we cant wait to see what you bring!