Lets talk Maintenance

In order for us to print garments for you guys we have to make sure that the maintenance for the equipment  is up to scratch. We have to do this to limit mistakes or equipment breaking.

Print is easy when it comes to maintenance. We have to just double check when parts of the press and computer need replacing. We dust and clean the printing equipment so that dust doesn’t transfer onto garments. The things we have to get more regularly is inks for the printer and printing paper which we both get from Forever Transfers. Other then that the print maintenance is very easy and not as strict as embroidery.

Embroidery maintenance is more complex. Everyday we have to do a little routine before we start embroidering. We have to oil where the bobbin sits in to make sure it can’t get stuck at all. We always test the bobbin tension as well to make sure that is perfect because if its not then issues will occur. The bobbin tension should be between 150-200. The bobbin tension means the flexibility when the needle embroiders and pulls the bobbin up how hard it is to do that. We have a weekly maintenance for the embroidery machine which includes changing all the needles, cleaning inside the bobbin case and around it making sure there’s no fluff or thread stuck anywhere.  To do this we have to take the needle plate off the embroidery machine and use compressed air to clean all the fluff and dirt from it. We have to also clean the knife that cuts the threads. We have to do this to because if we don’t we will get issues like thread breaks or bobbin breaks. We do have a monthly maintenance and a half a year maintenance routine. This includes taking parts of the embroidery machine off cleaning and dusting is oiling and and make sure nothings broken or worn away. This has a major impact on embroidering if it isn’t done because issues will occur like bobbin breaks thread breaks needle snapping or connections with the machine and the computer. We try to make every embroider as smooth as we can so we have to keep up top with this maintenance to do so.

Check out our social media soon for some in depth maintenance routines of our equipment.