My Recommendations!


Part of my job is to give you my personal opinion on decisions and recommend you in other directions. But at the end of the day it is completely up to you what you decide to choose. Here’s my recommendations when it comes to everything uniform!

The first thing is colours, now every company have different colours and want different colours but my advice would be choose colours that make your uniform pop and stand out. Unless your certain on what colours you want I will usually guide you to something that will stand out to your uniform colour. You want people to see your clothing so I always look at options that will make your uniform stand out.

Depending on what garment you are having and what your logo is personally embroidery is my favourite print type. That’s right I said it I do have a favourite! The thing is with embroidery not only does it last a lot longer I personally think its just looks really smart. To another coming in that wants jackets I try to always recommend embroidery on a jacket. Again it just looks smart and sleek. The misconception that I cannot say enough is that when your having a left breast embroidery is the same amount of money then a left breast print. Again if you are unsure I can advice you to the right decision however embroidery is a personal favourite.

When it comes to positioning of your garment I will always choose a left breast over a right breast unless there’s something in the way so I cant print in that area. The thing is I cant really give you a reason why I recommend a left breast more then a right breast however if feels more natural to wear and print. I always find back prints lovely as they stand out so much. My personal favourite is a back embroidery on a jacket they always come out so amazing but not a t-shirt, I think printed backs look so much better as you don’t get that heavy look or feel.

Every garment is different and serves it purpose however these are a few of my favourite brands. Anthem, Result, AWDIS Just Hoods, Stanley Stella. To most people this doesn’t mean a lot however when suggesting to customers what brand to use these always come in mind because all of them are good quality products and really nice to print and embroider on but they don’t break the bank. Its a win win.

I will always give my best advice to customers and my recommendations however at the end of the day the end decision is yours. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.