Our new project …

So its about time we tell you our new project and now its Monday the 17th of October its the day our new brand goes LIVE!! Welcome to The Branding Hub – Custom Designs!

Sadie and myself have been planning this ever since I joined The Branding Hub and since we’ve had our first meeting we’ve been so excited to get stuck into it. So the news is out we are starting our own etsy shop with our own clothing designs. We are utilising our embroidery machine to create designs that we are so proud off to sell to you guys. This is our first collection on etsy and we have gone with a Christmas jumper theme as Christmas will be here soon.

So what was the planning process for our first collection?

After Sadie and I came up with a concept we had a meeting with our graphic designer and gave him a brief which was line drawing, simple and classy Christmas designs. He came back to us with 3 designs and we came up with 3 more designs for this collection that we are very proud of. So altogether we have 6 designs and 5 different colours of sweatshirt to choose from. Once we had the designs we played around with thread colours, placements and sizes of the artwork. We test printed every design on light and dark colour garments to see what thread we like the best. After a few weeks of testing we narrowed it down to 3 thread colours that people can choose from that are also festive. We chose white, gold and dark green. We bought in a lot of sweatshirts to get a feel of the quality and colours and narrowed it down to 5 sweatshirt colours that people can choose from (again keeping in the xmas feel as well) So you can choose from Black, Burgundy, Nude, Navy and Sand sweatshirts for our xmas collection. This was mainly the process and after we had everything sorted we made our new social media, new logo and got our sister business The Local Marketing Team to take professional pictures for our listings. We want our brand to very simple but effective with a distinctive aesthetic throughout our designs and social medias. The aesthetic of the brand is very key to us and we’ve always said from the start this is how we want our socials and brand to be.

We wanted to keep both Branding Hubs separate with different social medias to differentiate them both. With the same logo but in different colours we are still the same brand but separated. Our workwear branding hub is still up working as normal we just have our extra platform called The Branding Hub – Custom Designs where we are gong to put all our designs on. This next step is really exciting for us to expand both Branding Hubs. Its taken a long time but we are excited that we can launch this now as this is something we are both very proud off. We hope you come along with us in this journey and make sure you are following all our social medias to keep up with us.