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Colours bar apron

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A bar apron that falls to a length of 80cm offering the wearer maximum coverage. This apron comes in 28 colours and is part of the Colours Collection from Premier. To the centre of the apron is a useful centre pocket for carrying tablet devices, together with a combined pen compartment.

Size / ColourOne size
PR158_Aqua_FT.jpgAqua£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Black_FT.jpgBlack£14.03 price inc £16.84
PR158_Brown_FT.jpgBrown£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Lime_FT.jpgLime£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_MidBlue_FT.jpgMid Blue£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Natural_FT.jpgNatural£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Navy_FT.jpgNavy£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Olive_FT.jpgOlive£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Orange_FT.jpgOrange£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Pink_FT.jpgPink£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Purple_FT.jpgPurple£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Red_FT.jpgRed£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Royal_FT.jpgRoyal£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Sage_FT.jpgSage£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Silver_FT.jpgSilver£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Sunflower_FT.jpgSunflower£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Turquoise_FT.jpgTurquoise£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_White_FT.jpgWhite£14.03 price inc £16.84
PR158_Burgundy_FT.jpgBurgundy£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Coral_FT.jpgCoral£13.61 price inc £16.33
PR158_DarkGrey_FT.jpgDark Grey£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Emerald_FT.jpgEmerald£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Fuchsia_FT.jpgFuchsia£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_HotPink_FT.jpgHot Pink£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Khaki_FT.jpgKhaki£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Lemon_FT.jpgLemon£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_LightBlue_FT.jpgLight Blue£15.54 price inc £18.65
PR158_Lilac_FT.jpgLilac£15.54 price inc £18.65
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