Washing Printed Clothing

Let’s talk about branded uniform aftercare! We take good care of your clothing in store and once it leaves our shop it’s up to you to look after it. In every order, we provide you with a card with washing and aftercare instructions on it. We cannot express to you enough that you have to be careful when washing your branded clothing.  Why you ask?

Let’s chat about it.

The most common question we get at The Branding Hub is … How do I wash my branded uniform? Can I use the tumble dryer with the clothing? What temperature can I put my washing on?

Here are a few important pointers to protect your print and embroidery. Print is a very delicate printing type. It’s brilliant for printing whatever you want however when it comes to washing you have to be careful. We always recommend washing printed clothing on a very low wash. This is because it cracks easily especially big prints that have used lots of ink. We recommend washing on a 20-degree wash to protect the print. We also recommend turning your garment inside out when going to wash it, this avoids other garments damaging your print. You can wash it with other clothing like normal we would just recommend that you don’t overfill your washer. The most important advice we can give you with washing printed clothing is DO NOT TUMBLE DRY!! We cannot express this enough because this is when more issues will occur like cracking and fading of the print. lastly the last bit of advice we can give to you is if you wish to iron your printed garments set your iron to the lowest hear and turn your garment inside out to protect the print or alternatively use de creaser sprays to get the creases out without damaging your print. All these instructions apply to embroidered garments too although embroidery isn’t as delicate as print but its good to still wash delicately to protect your garment.

Hope this little guide helps you out. We will always give our best advice to you so if you have any questions about washing your branded clothing please contact us and we will go through it with you.