Why Choose Embroidery?

We offer two different print methods here at The Branding Hub. Embroidery is the other option that is fairly new to The Branding Hub. We bought our Embroidery machine in May 2022 and it’s been constantly busy ever since we bought it!

Our Embroidery machine is a Melco EMT16X. We have a vast selection of fabrics and garments that we can embroider. There are lots of pros and cons when choosing embroidery, we love embroidery, and is very popular however there are some things to bare in mind.

We are able to embroider on Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Polos, Aprons, Bags, Fleece, Gilets, Towels, Jackets, Softshell, Shirts, and much more. We can embroider on T-shirts on the left breast however we do not recommend having a big back or front embroidery on T-shirts as there is a potential that the T-shirt will rip. There is a variety of materials that we can embroider so if you have any questions about whether we can embroider something contact us about it. Just like print we have a selection of placements we can embroider like left breast, right breast, front, back, arm, front of hats, and side of hats on a pocket. We can embroider intricate jobs however if it’s too complicated we usually suggest print is a better print type for you as it may look messy with embroidery.

But actually what is embroidery? Embroidery is a print type that forms decorative designs with machine needlework and thread. Embroidery is done by stitches. We have to create your logo as a stitch file for it to be embroidered. It is perfect for workwear as it is very long-lasting and suitable for a lot of garments. When your order is with us and you’ve chosen embroidery we have to get your logo digitized. This is a one-time payment of £16.95 and once we have your logo digitized we can use it over again and you won’t have to pay that again unless you get another logo digitized. Having a logo digitised means that you logo turns into a stitch file which we need for embroidery. Once we have your logo digitized we will get ready to embroider your garments. We will pick threads that match your logo unless you want a specific colour. AND WERE READY TO EMBROIDER! We load up the design on our software and prep your garment. We hoop up your garment with backing underneath to protect the clothing and the embroidery machine does the rest. Once your embroidery is done we clip off any loose threads and removing the backing making it nice and neat for you. A good thing about embroidery is that when you’ve received your order there isn’t strict instructions to wash unlike print you have to be really careful when washing.

There’s so many pros to having embroidery however there is a lot of things to bare in mind when having it. This type of printing is great as there’s no minimal orders, you can order as many as you like. We can accommodate extra printed shirts after you receive your order in a few easy steps. If you ever have any questions about it please give us a ring or contact us and we will go through it with you.