Why choose print?


We offer 2 different print types here at The Branding Hub. Print is one of them, but what is print and why is it so popular?

The print method we use is a laser dark (no cut) heat transfer. We use this as we are able to print on a vast range of materials including cotton, polyester, nylon, silk, leather, denim, and mixed fabrics. This allows us to meet to our customer’s needs as we can say yes to any clothing printing job. We are able to print really small intricate designs to big bold colourful designs and we can size it to how you want it.


But how does this work? We use our Oki laser printer that prints on paper specialized for laser dark printing. The paper we use here is called A paper. Our printer prints CYMK & W which means it prints the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White. These colours will make up the colours in your design or logo.  We can print any design and logo. We print a lot of custom prints for customers as well as workwear as we have the facilities to print any design. Once our design is printed on our paper we then have to transfer that onto another piece of paper called B paper. We heat-press the two bits of paper together for 120 seconds at 160 degrees to create a sticky surface for our image to stick on. Once it’s had that two minutes we can then peel the B paper away from the A paper leaving our image ready to press onto your clothing.

Now we have our design we are really flexible where we can print. We can print anywhere on clothing whether that’s Left Breast, Right Breast, Front, Back, Back of Neck, Arm, Leg, or on a specific part of the clothing like a pocket. We use heat again to press your logo onto your clothing. Depending on what material you have we change the temperatures from 110 degrees to 150 degrees to press your logo onto your clothing. We have to leave this cold before peeling off the transfer paper to leave your design. We have to give your garment one more press to soften the touch of the print and to increase the washability.

Thats the whole process of printing!

This type of printing is great as there’s no minimal orders, you can order as many as you like. You are left with a design that is rich in colour and soft to touch. With its quick process we can get your clothing to a quick deadline for you. We can accommodate extra printed shirts after you receive your order in a few easy steps. This print method has a all round advantage for our customers contact us today to discuss your printing needs.